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Professional Photography: Why You Need It When Selling Your Home

One thing we always stress to our staging clients selling their homes: PLEASE have professional photographs taken. Almost half of home buyers start their search online these days, browsing through listing photos via real estate websites before ever contacting a realtor to see a home in person (source: Real Estate in the Digital Age 2018 Report).

amateur versus professional real estate photo

The same report cited photos as one of the most useful aspects of an online listing. This means that photos of your home provide potential buyers with that all important first impression. Thus, you have only seconds to either earn or lose a buyer's interest in your property.

amateur vs professional real estate picture

Enter professional photography. Real estate photographers are trained in capturing the best of a space: utilizing proper the angle, lighting, and simple styling and editing techniques allow your home to SHINE through its pictures! You've clearly put a lot of work into preparing your home to sell, especially if you've used O+O Staging services. So take that final step to properly market your beautiful home and have it professionally photographed.

amateur vs professional interior photo

Amateur pics often differ from professional ones in several key ways (and it makes all the difference):

Lighting - Professionals are masters of harvesting all the natural light a space can offer for those bright and airy pics we love so much. And if a room is particularly dark, they always have the proper lighting equipment on hand.

Angle - Professional real estate photographers know where to situate the camera in order to capture a room from the best angle. They are masters at squeezing into corners, or getting up high to get a great shot of a large space. Which leads to out third point:

Lens width - In order to photograph a room from wall to wall, a wide lens is a must. The smaller the lens in mms, the wider the lens angle will be, thus including a wider field in one shot.

focal length comparison

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So unless you only want half a room showing in each photo, you need a wider angle lens. And these babies aren't cheap either (read: thousands of $$). So leave it to the professionals to bring their lenses and get those perfect shots for you.

Your home is likely the biggest investment you'll ever make! When it comes time to sell it, don't skimp on showing it off! Hire a professional photographer. You won't regret it.

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