• Anna

Faux Tree Round Up

As much as I love real trees in my home, I am not the best at keeping them alive. Every time I hit up my local nursery I take detailed notes from the knowledgeable staff and yet, despite my best efforts, plants still come to my house to die.

So today I'm rounding up some amazing faux indoor trees. These days most of the faux tree options look as good as the real thing! And while some of these faux options are a bit pricey, it's not nearly as expensive as buying 4 fiddle leaf fig trees per year (guilty!).

We like to think that our use of faux trees and plants is one of the things that sets us apart in home staging. We LOVE to use faux plants in all our projects. That pop of green is really important in your online photos and brings the room to life. And while not every homeowner wants to fill their home with faux plants year round, a few high quality and well-placed faux trees can be a game changer.

Here is a round up of some of our favorite faux trees:

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Happy tree shopping!