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Anatomy of Mantel Styling

One area of the home we love to address with decor is the mantel. This decorative shelf above the fireplace is open to endless style possibilities.

But how do you begin?

Let's review how to style your mantel so you can give it a go in your own home!

mantel styling begind with central feature


Start your decor scheme by choosing a central feature item. This will be a larger piece such as a mirror, artwork, or another framed piece.

mantel styling adding tall item

Glazed Ceramic Vase and Faux Boxwood Sprigs

Next, give your vignette a little height by adding a taller item such as a large vase, branches or faux sprigs, or candlesticks in decorative holders.

mantel styling adding smaller accessories

Wood Slice Sculpture, Portrait of a Woman, and Ceramic Horse Bust

These secondary items add depth and visual interest to the set. Look to add accessories of varying heights, materials, and colors, and stagger them around your center element.

mantel styling greenery

Faux Boxwood Sprigs

We've said it a million times and we'll say it again: you can't go wrong by adding a little greenery! Plants add a natural warmth and pop of color. So fill that vase right up with some sprigs!

Check out these other mantel variations that utilize some of the same items....more bang for your buck!

mantel styling variation 1

Large White Vase

Small Black and White Vase

Fern Sprigs

Green Decorative Boxes

Bird Figurine

mantel styling variation 2

Large Mat Picture Frame

Terracotta Vase

Glass Decorative Sphere

Ginger Jar

Have fun this holiday season (and all year round!) sprucing up your mantel!

Happy Styling,


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