• Melinda

7 Beautiful Cane Beds - Add Warmth to Your Bedroom

Unless you've been under a rock, the Cane trend is EVERYWHERE. More about the trend via Apartment Therapy. And, although, I don't recommend you go crazy and use it for every piece- one or two pieces can make a chic statement. I really love some of the new beds because they feel so much lighter then a traditional wood bed. I gathered up some of my favorites in varying prices below.

1. Harbour Cane Bed $2,298

2. Sausalito Bed $1,329

3. Heatherfield Bed $2,298

4. Cane King Bed $3,600

5. Romy Vintage Rattan Bed $498

6. Bobila Cane Bed $999

7. Folly Bed $1,995

We hope this helps you find the perfect can piece for your bedroom!