• Anna

Product round up - coffee tables

We are always on the look out for good coffee tables because well, I can't remember one staging project that didn't require a coffee table. The sky is the limit with coffee tables - they can really come in any shape, size, color, material and price. So today I'm sharing some really amazing coffee tables for all tastes and budgets.

I currently have a brass and glass coffee table in my living room and given that my kids are not great at keeping their hands clean (read: they are messy monsters), my coffee table is always covered in smudges and food remnants. So actually, this is just my clever way of rounding up some options so that I can pull the trigger on something new. I'll need your input.

RATTAN - I love the light and beachy feel of rattan furniture. It really brings a textural element to the room but still feels really soft. Here are some great rattan tables.

Sources - left, middle, right

GLASS - OK, I know, I know. I just said that I'm looking for something other than glass, but just because the Neal's are messy doesn't mean that all families are messy. Here are some great glass options - I think they feel very clean and traditional.

Sources - left, middle, right

SOLID WOOD - I just picked up the most amazing solid wood coffee table at Home Goods that I am DYING to use in our next project. Ugh, I wish you could shop online at Home Goods! In the meantime, here are some amazing solid wood options. These are at the top of my list when I replace.

Sources - left, middle, right

UPHOLSTERED - I love upholstered coffee tables. We have a leather couch in our living room, so I feel like an upholstered coffee table softens the room against the leather. I am totally digging the navy tufted velvet ottoman below. Reeeally want it in my life.

Sources - left, middle, right

MISCELLANEOUS?- The following coffee tables can't be categorized. These coffee tables will shine in any home and definitely make a statement. What do you think, are you ready to go bold with your coffee table?

Sources - left, middle, right

OK, which one should I get...I mean, find any you like?!